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Cincinnati needs strong leadership to overcome the many challenges facing our city. Cincinnati needs Betsy Sundermann.
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Fighting Corruption

Public corruption has infested Cincinnati City Hall. Over the last few years, the majority of council has been under investigation. So far, three members of council have been federally indicted for public corruption and accepting bribes in exchange for votes.


Betsy is dedicated to ending corruption at City Hall. She has introduced a Charter Amendment that will achieve the following things:


  • Allow the city to suspend members of council if indicted for public corruption


  • Allow the city to remove a member of council if found guilty of public corruption


  • If a member of council is found to be in violation of state civil rules, the member must reimburse the city for any costs related to the case


  • Require ethics training for all new members of council


  • Bar any suspended members of council from changing the designation of which fellow member of council selects their replacement


This Anti-Corruption Charter Amendment will be placed before the voters in 2021.


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Betsy will continue to support our brave Cincinnati police officers every day. They make incredible sacrifices to keep our community safe, and we should stand behind them.

City Council has shown itself to be irresponsible with our budget more often than not. Betsy will fight to protect taxpayer dollars every day as a member of council.


With the impact of COVID-19 ravaging our community, now more than ever, we need to support our local small businesses. Removing unnecessary regulations in red tape is critical to the economic success of Cincinnati.